Service Provider Payment Dates

Ist Run Mid-month
Day of the week Mid-month date EFT payment date
Friday 06-Dec-19 11-Dec-19
Friday 10-Jan-20 15-Jan-20
Friday 07-Feb-20 12-Feb-20
Friday 13-Mar-20 18-Mar-20
Thursday 09-Apr-20 16-Apr-20
Friday 08-May-20 13-May-20
Friday 12-Jun-20 18-Jun-20
Friday 10-Jul-20 15-Jul-20
Friday 07-Aug-20 13-Aug-20
Friday 11-Sep-20 16-Sep-20
Friday 09-Oct-20 14-Oct-20
Friday 13-Nov-20 18-Nov-20
Friday 11-Dec-20 17-Dec-20


2nd Run Month-end
Day of the week Mid-month date EFT payment date
Friday 13-Dec-19 18-Dec-19
Friday 24-Jan-20 29-Jan-20
Friday 21-Feb-20 26-Feb-20
Friday 27-Mar-20 01-Apr-20
Friday 24-Apr-20 30-Apr-20
Friday 22-May-20 27-May-20
Friday 26-Jun-20 01-Jul-20
Friday 24-Jul-20 29-Jul-20
Friday 21-Aug-20 26-Aug-20
Friday 25-Sep-20 30-Sep-20
Friday 23-Oct-20 28-Oct-20
Friday 27-Nov-20 02-Dec-20
Friday 18-Dec-20 23-Dec-20


MediClinic payment runs
Day of the week Payment run date EFT payment date
Friday 29-Nov-19 04-Dec-19
Friday 20-Dec-19 27-Dec-19
Friday 17-Jan-20 22-Jan-20
Friday 31-Jan-20 05-Feb-20
Friday 14-Feb-20 19-Feb-20
Friday 28-Feb-20 04-Mar-20
Friday 06-Mar-20 11-Mar-20
Friday 20-Mar-20 25-Mar-20
Friday 03-Apr-20 08-Apr-20
Friday 17-Apr-20 22-Apr-20
Thursday 30-Apr-20 06-May-20
Friday 15-May-20 20-May-20
Friday 29-May-20 03-Jun-20
Friday 05-Jun-20 10-Jun-20
Friday 19-Jun-20 24-Jun-20
Friday 03-Jul-20 08-Jul-20
Friday 17-Jul-20 22-Jul-20
Friday 31-Jul-20 05-Aug-20
Friday 14-Aug-20 19-Aug-20
Friday 28-Aug-20 02-Sep-20
Friday 04-Sep-20 09-Sep-20
Friday 18-Sep-20 23-Sep-20
Friday 02-Oct-20 07-Oct-20
Friday 16-Oct-20 21-Oct-20
Friday 30-Oct-20 04-Nov-20
Friday 06-Nov-20 11-Nov-20
Friday 20-Nov-20 25-Nov-20
Friday 04-Dec-20 09-Dec-20


DART month-end dates
Day of the week Month-end date
Friday 06-Dec-19
Friday 10-Jan-20
Friday 07-Feb-20
Friday 13-Mar-20
Thursday 09-Apr-20
Friday 08-May-20
Friday 12-Jun-20
Friday 10-Jul-20
Friday 07-Aug-20
Friday 11-Sep-20
Friday 09-Oct-20
Friday 13-Nov-20
Friday 11-Dec-20
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